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Minister of Health in the operation of the Milad High School of Esfahan

The medical community has always been in the service of the people

Dr. Sayed Hassan Hashemi, in the celebration of the operation of the Milad High School of Medicine in Isfahan, said: "The medical community has been dealing with God, and he is honoring them in the world and the hereafter, but despite some The curiosity, the ignorance, and the anxiety that exists against the medical community, continue to be expressed by people in various polls. The Minister of Health added: "The people of Iran are grateful and have a high degree of recognition, and they know their servants well. Dr. Hashemi continued to acknowledge the investment of the medical community in the city of Isfahan in the construction of the large Milad supermarket hospital, saying: "I am a privately owned hospital and I am familiar with the health economy. And for four years I am also responsible for the health area, so I appreciate the value of this great work. The Minister of Health stated that the type of private sector tariff and its increase, the conditions of state and commercial insurance, the barriers of public attention to the private sector, and the performance of officials and health professionals are barriers to the lack of high-level participation of the private sector in the health sector, and if they put their capital in Mediation, brokerage, and even the bank, their return on investment is fast, but investment in this area comes with love because the doctor collects his capital from work, visit, diagnosis of diseases and surgeries, and When it intends to invest, the necessary financial and spiritual support is not provided. Dr. Hashemi said in another part of his remark: "The hospital is so well-equipped and advanced that it is not the same in Isfahan, and in Tehran, people are well-respected in terms of hoteling, skilled and efficient manpower and quality services." And the emergency and medical department of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences can also direct patients with supplementary insurance that will not be charged with their patients" request to this unique center. Health Minister added: Isfahan University of Medical Sciences can buy from the Milad Hospital in Isfahan to compensate for the shortage of new hospital beds and the university"s medical directorate should encourage the private sector and encourage investors for encouraging and encouraging them. Increasing the participation of other investors in the health sector. Dr. Hashemi added that there are many hospital beds in the public and private sectors in Isfahan province, adding that the government does not have the necessary resources to create new hospital beds in the country and its economic conditions are not appropriate as they should Provides current budget. In addition, the problem of people is not limited to healthcare. The Minister of Health pointed out: out of the total budget of 300 trillion Toman in the country, about 140 trillion tomans have been consumed and our art must attract investors and investors because they carry the burden of the state sector and it is necessary to We support them and the Ministry of Health also helps the private sector, to the extent permitted by law and approved by the oversight bodies, but in cases where there is a need to change the rules, the deputies and the parliament can contribute to this area. They do. Dr. Hashemi noted: There are resident physicians, prominent professors and the best services in the Milad Hospital in Isfahan, but the bed occupancy rate is low, while in government hospitals, there are so many patients, so there must be people who have supplementary insurance and additional costs They will not be forced into the hospital, because in this case, government and insurance costs will be reduced, people will benefit from better services, and the crowding of government hospitals will be reduced.

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