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Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal

If you want to do laser hair removal, the first step is to choose a doctor

who should only be a dermatologist, they may have a trained and experienced laser operator or nurse in a dermatologist"s office or clinic, but determining settings, patient visits and constant monitoring by a dermatologist is required.

(We also know that in Iran you don"t see a doctor at all, let alone a dermatologist, but what can we do, we are idealistic!!)


And why should a dermatologist visit you before laser?

In the initial consultation with a specialist, you should:

Review your medical history, including medications, history of skin disorders or scars, and previous hair removal procedures.

- Discuss the risks, benefits and expectations, including what laser hair removal can and cannot do for you.

-Take photos to be used for before and after evaluations and long-term reviews.


Author: Dr. Roya Saed Panah

11:58 - 10/05/2023    /    Number : 1270    /    Show Count : 109


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