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Laser risks and complications

Laser risks and complications
1) The most important complication of inflammation and burns: temporary discomfort, redness and swelling. All of which are transient, but in more severe cases and causing burns, it may remain.
2) You must have heard that if you sunbathe, tan and go to the solarium, don't do laser, the most important reason is the creation of dark and light spots on your skin that may remain forever. Especially bright spots (white like vitiligo) have a high chance of remaining.
3) Rarer side effects of laser: blister, scab and infection, scar and changes in skin texture.
Graying and whitening of lasered hair (due to improper energy adjustment)
And unwanted new hair growth around the lasered areas, which is especially common among us Iranians.
So: be sure to visit a dermatologist for laser hair removal.
Author: Dr. Roya Saedpanah

11:44 - 10/05/2023    /    Number : 1269    /    Show Count : 105


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